Reply to Andrew’s post

Hello Andrew! Yes, great minds think alike! All those things you mention can be shared on this site under one or other of the page headings listed under the header image.

Pieces of writing on which we are working would come under ‘Quillery’ or else ‘Question Box’, if we had a specific question on which we wanted feedback.

Interesting facts or quotes, hints and tips, notifications about competitions, book festivals etc would come under ‘Quacks’. (By analogy with tweets, these would be short posts.)

Pieces of writing connected to a specific challenge or event, (e.g. Flash Fiction Day on June 24th) would come under ‘Quests’. I thought this would be a good idea so that we can easily direct people to a particular body of work, e.g. so that the Flash Fiction Day people can to straight to this particular page which will be relevant to their event.

Sophia has also created ‘Queries’ for anyone who wanted to contact us. This isn’t relevant while the site is private but if/when we go public it would mean, for example, that a lonely writer out there could ask to join us.

‘Quiver’ (I love it, Sophia!) is the name of the homepage, on which we can perhaps give a short account of how we have come together through ‘Creative Writing Online with Eliza Robertson’.

Andrew, you will see that we got inspired by the letter ‘Q’, following your brilliant suggestion of our name!

The only thing you mention for which we have no category is ‘examples of excellent writing from elsewhere’. Perhaps we should have a separate page for this? Or else people could use the Quacks page, giving a link to the piece of writing, rather than quoting in full?

We could of course have a ‘Quotes’ page….!